It’s really cold out there in New York City right now. I mean horribly cold.

So I thought it might be helpful for you to know where the Warming Centers are in the five boroughs if you ever need to stop by somewhere to help shake the cold away.

Stay warm everyone.

Special Note: The times below only reflect those of Warming Centers in the week of 1/24/2013.


2013-01-28 Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways

PDF is where data goes to die!

And annoyingly the data for the Warming Centers was published on the website in PDF form, perfectly laid out that it was almost a tease.

In any event, I used cometdocs to convert it into CSV then used some excel commands (something like “=I4 & “, ” & J4 & “, ” & K4”) to place all the address information into one column.

Afterwards I uploaded it into Google Fusion tables and filtered according to borough. That’s how I got the Warming Centers’ location points on the map.

To make the borough borders, I converted shape files available on the city website using ShpEscape. Here is an explainer on how to use it by John Keefe.

I uploaded the appropriate info from the Warming Centers’ location & Borough Borders’ fusion tables for each borough into FusionTablesLayer Wizard.

Then I threw the code the wizard spat out into its own html page for each borough. And each page inturn became its own iframe.

The ability to switch by borough was from javascript I wrote that made an iframe appear and the others disappear depending on which button you pressed.

The tables were also made on fusion tables, by filtering the same CSV by borough, and throwing the table embed codes into the body of the appropriate page.

If I was to do this again, I would add the searchable function the layer wizard can produce, so that you could search a warming center by name.  Also, created a refresh button for each page to start over. However I still need to test if that code works the way I think it does.