I don’t think people always associate Queens with culture as much as the borough deserves. That should change. Below is an interactive map I created to help you find your way to the nearest Queens cultural venue.

1. Pick your mode of transportation
2. Click on a point on the map
3. Jot down where you’re coming from

Source: DCLA Cultural Organizations

If the directions appear cut off, it maybe that you’re zoomed too close. Please zoom out so see the interactive better.


2013-02-07 Tips, Tricks, & Takeaways

When I downloaded the DCLA Cultural Organizations’ data, it annoyingly had the latitude and longitude directions along with the address.

To separate the two datasets, I used the LEN excel functions to remove the last 40 characters, the approximate number of characters in the coordinates. There was a bit of data cleaning because sometimes the function removed numbers from the zip code, but it was manageable amount of fixing.

After sending all the data into Google fusion tables, I realized that some of the coordinates were wrong so I had to use the addresses instead. I modified this developer’s code to add the function of generating directions. Then I snatched a small code generated by the Fusion tables layers wizard to create Queens barrier.

Then I modified the javascript code that I used for the Mapping Out of the NYC’s Warming Centers so that the buttons were on the left side.

And that kids is how I met your mother… okay, no. But that’s how I made this map.