Young Justice Over?

Young Justice Over?

Originally published by ReviewFix.

There are no words in the the tongues of men, elves, and dwarves that can express my anger from the apparent cancellation of Young Justice.

Well-drawn, amazingly written, it was the surprisingly good superhero cartoon I never knew I wanted. The show won a freaking Emmy for a reason damn it.

While not having excellent ratings because of its erratic scheduling probably played a part in this, it still reached cult status on Cartoon Network that should warrant keeping it. That makes this cancellation all the more baffling.

In the past few years some really good superhero cartoons have been cancelled well before their time. There was The Spectacular Spider-ManWolverine and the X-Men, & The Avengers:EMH.

They were reminiscent of the ’90s era cartoons like The X-Men &Spider-Man, which told stories with a long view (I love me some foreshadowing). They make the plotting of the live-action superhero shows such as Arrow look silly by comparison.

They were also my gateway drugs into the comic books, making me comfortable with the premise and fall for the characters, before diving into he comic world rich with history. I’m not the only one who had that experience.

While maybe the executives want these shows more to be the gateway drug for children to buy merchandise, give it time and a better time slot. Have faith and they will come and so will their older brothers
and sister and possibly their parents.