While the idea of gentrification in Queens continues to be a growing topic of discussion, a recent study implies that maybe there is another economic issue in the borough that also demands our attention.

The rate of poverty increased the most in Queens compared to any other borough between 2008-12, according to a study by the city’s Center for Economic Opportunity.

This is at least in part due to Queens being home to the largest share of the city’s Asians and non-citizens population  . These are two groups that have been the most effected by poverty in the past couple of years .

In fact half of the city’s Asian population lived in Queens. It should also be noted that about one-third (32.9 percent) of the city’s Asian population falls into the non-citizen category.

Further investigation into the causes of the sudden rise of poverty among Asians and non-citizens should be considered and how to help alleviate it.

In the meantime you can take a look at the below to check what the poverty rate was in a specific Queens neighborhood.