Mapping Out Literary Queens for November

In recent years, new reading series and book stores have emerged in Queens.

With already existing artistic institutions and writers living or working in the borough these new additions are helping to make literature in Queens more visible.

Here is a map of the events this month.

Diabetes Related Death Rate Rise Throughout the City

The citywide diabetes-related deaths reached an all time high in 2011 and made up 10.8 percent of all city’s mortalities, according to a report by the city published this month.

That’s close to double what it was in 1990 when it was only 6 percent. This was happening at a time when the overall number of deaths in the city was decreasing.

Quick Look at Diabetes in Queens

Community District 12 (CD12), which encompasses Jamaica and St. Albans, had the highest number of diabetes-related deaths (182) in Queens in 2011, according to a report by the city. It also had the highest diabetes-related death rate (82.2) in the borough.