QC’s Archives “50 Years Ago Today” Project

It’s the 50-year anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement and I was asked to help create a timeline of Queens College’s involvement in the movement by their Civil Rights Archives.

Civil Rights Archivist, Alexandra Dolan-Mescal launched the “50 Years Ago Today” social media project today. Each day she will tweet an item from exactly 50 years ago. Those tweets will then be collected on the timeline I help create on the organizations website.

Entrepreneurship in NYC

I created an interactive map for a study on LAUNCHING LOW-INCOME ENTREPRENEURS by Kahliah Laney. You can click on the photo above to take you the page.

In the interactive, you can switch from borough to borough. The polygons on the map represent the the zipcodes in the area. If you click on a polygon, the Rate of Self-employment and Household Median Income for that zipcode will appear as a tooltip.

A Quick Look at NYPD’s 2011 Reasonable Suspicion Encounters Report

Journalist Nathan Frandino suggested I make an interactive out of the 2011 Reasonable Suspicion Encounters NYPD report released a few weeks ago. By suggested, I mean peer pressured.

This is a basic map interactive as there is a lot of data to be scraped and analyzed from the PDF. I may return to this at a later time to advance this further maybe comparing data from previous years if I can find it. But for right now it’s just smart to create this template to work with in the future.

Mapping out NYC’s Warming Centers

It’s really cold out there in New York City right now. I mean horribly cold.

So I thought it might be helpful for you to know where the Warming Centers are in the five boroughs if you ever need to stop by somewhere to help shake the cold away.

Stay warm everyone.

A Quick Look at NYC High School Progress’s Report

Yesterday, I ran into this article by the Post that informed me the progress reports were out for high schools in NYC this year. So I decided to make a quick & dirty data-viz out of some of information available.

There is a lot more data available, some spanning years, so expect me to do some more investigation into the numbers some time in the near future.

Charting My Book Collection

I have too many books.

It’s something I’ve needed to come to terms with for some time now. There may come a day when I will be wealthy enough to buy the library of my dreams, ( I pick 6, 7, 11) but that day is not today.