Conjuring Images Of Cyborgs and Fairies, Queens Literary Journal Urges Writers to Submit Fantastical Fiction

You know that story you had about a cyborg in futuristic Jamaica or that poem about flying fairies set in Jacob Riis Park? You might finally get a chance to see those pieces in print.

For the first time, Newtown Literary Journal, Queens’ only literary journal, is asking writers for speculative fiction and poetry submissions to publish in their fifth issue dedicated to that genre. Speculative fiction encompasses a range of the more fantastical fiction genres, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, the supernatural, and dystopian, among others.

Letting Go of Superman: Remembering the Darkness

The Darkness was a misogynistic, hypersexual violent comic starring supernaturally powered and cursed mafia hit-man, Jackie Estacado.

Among many of his crimes: he killed members of the holy line of David, extorted sex from a desperate woman, and plagued an underdeveloped country with enhanced drugs.

And when I was about 12 it was my favorite comic.