Letting Go of Superman: First Comic Con

While looking out into the Hudson River from several stories up and hearing the cars whizzing below me, I tried to find faith in all I had accomplished. At 25 and finishing up my masters degree, I was nowhere near the writer I wanted to be and not quite sure about the man I was becoming. I was done being nostalgic of my checkered past but I was anxious about my developing future. The fact that it was filled with options also meant it was filled with possibilities of failure.

Letting Go of Superman: Not Everyone Reads Comics for the Boobs

Alice Meichi Li said that artists, “should draw like they fuck.”

It was one of the more memorable moments at Bluestockings bookstore’s “Nerrd Grrl Adventure Series” where a panel discussed female representation in comic books with DC Comics artist Amy Reeder, web artist Sally Madden, zinester Elvis Bakaitis, Wendy Xu of Angry Girl Comics, and artist Alice Meichi Li.

Letting Go of Superman: Wrapped up in the Spider-Man Story

On a restless summer day, right on the spot, I made the decision to watch The Amazing Spider-Man. With too many things that needed to be done but nothing I wanted to do, it felt like the only right course of action. And I liked the film. The action was well done, the homage was evident, and romantic chemistry was not wanting (I love you Emma Stone). But something was missing.