Libraries Welcome Writers in Residence

Libraries have always been second homes to many writers. Two programs are hoping to further encourage that relationship, starting this fall and into the future. The Public Library of Cincinnati’s Writer-In-Residence program and the CHP in the Stacks residency program from publishing company Coffee House Press (CHP) will give select writers stipends to do their work in a library while helping publicize that library’s resources to the community.

LA County Library Restores Lost Hours

County of Los Angeles Public Library officials are restoring service hours to all the libraries that previously saw their hours reduced owing to 2009–2010 budget cuts. This comes after the Board of Supervisors approved this year’s $178 million library budget, an increase of $3.6 million. The system, one of the country’s largest, serves more than 3.5 million residents in 51 of the 88 incorporated cities of Los Angeles County.

Darwin Online Digitizes the Complete Library of the HMS Beagle

Charles Darwin’s voyage on the HMS Beagle is famous for having led to some of the most groundbreaking work in evolutionary biology. Data gathered during the five-year, globe-spanning expedition was central to the evidence Darwin presented in his 1859 title On the Origin of Species, which introduced the concept of natural selection and the theory of evolution. This voyage so intrigues people to this day that almost every written work produced by Darwin on the ship has been made public—from his diary to his letters.

Woodhaven Ups Anti-Graffiti Game

Graffiti vandalism has been a significant problem in Woodhaven this year, civic leaders said. Light volunteer numbers and a harsh winter both made it hard for the neighborhood’s own Woodhaven Residents’ Block Association to paint over all the swirling tags on mailboxes.

But that did not deter Martin Colberg, president of the WRBA, from going out with volunteers Sunday to clean up any tags that might be found on the more than 100 mailboxes in the community.

Queens Shares its Verse at Poetry Fest

A number of Queens-based literary arts groups made their way to Governors Island this past weekend to participate in the 4th annual NYC Poetry Festival, a gathering of the disparate literary organizations throughout New York to celebrate poetry.

For most of the visiting Queens literary groups, this marked the first time they were showcased in the festival, a sign of the festival’s growing popularity and the developing literary communities in the borough.

Legos Come to Life at Atlas Park

A boy shouted out, “Holy Cow,” as the motor-powered Lego model he just helped build started to come alive with its gears moving suddenly.

Bricks 4 Kidz group launched a free summer program inside the Shops at Atlas Park to build up children’s mechanical skills while they build moving Lego models.

Summer Sundays at the Park Begins

The Jackson Heights Orchestra kicked off the annual Summer Sundays at the Park concert series last week, drawing a crowd of people to the play street by Travers Park.

The series, organized by the Jackson Heights Beautification Group, invites emerging and established artists to perform every Sunday afternoon for the community. Now in its 10th year, much has changed about the program for the better.